Last week I decided to print a new issue of Fax Simile for the first time since 2019. Since before COVID.

Fax Simile is a zine series I've published regularly since around 2013. I tend to put in a particular type of drawing, what I think of as weirdo gag cartoons, and during the pandemic I just wasn't drawing much in that style. Suddenly I'm interested again. It seemed the best thing to do was to look over what I had from this hiatus and put out another issue.

So Here's issue 15.

Another thing I did during COVID was draw a lot of self portraits. Many in the reflection of a shiny coffee pot, or during video chats. This one is in a small hand mirror at the kitchen table. Reading a book on Bonnard it mentioned Italian painters in the past calling the practice of incorporating a mirror into the composition as a specchio?

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Drawing of a women wearing a mask, sunglasses, and an,'I voted' sticker

an 'I Voted' sticker

California vote NO on this recall nonsense! If the republicans take over, they want to repeal mask mandates. These mask mandates are what’s keeping my kid safe at school. No masks in schools will lead to more dead and sick kids. Vote NO, wear a mask, and for fucks sake get vaccinated!